Jason Sears has been named president of Dri-Air Industries, replacing Charlie Sears, Dri-Air founder and Jason’s father, who passed away recently.   The Board of Directors of Dri-Air made the announcement.

Jason has been an employee at Dri-Air for 30 years, beginning after school during his high school years learning such skills as welding, electrical wiring, painting, packing and machine assembly.   Building on this strong foundation for a future leader, Jason joined Dri-Air after earning his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 1992.

He has held positions in engineering new products, designing equipment for new applications, technical troubleshooting, manufacturing and customer service. He has been Vice President of Operations for more than five years.

Remembering his father, a customer satisfaction legend in the plastics manufacturing industry, Jason said, ”Charlie Sears was a great mentor, embracing all the good characteristics of a principled, customer service oriented, honorable person.   Hard work and leading by example are valuable lessons I learned from my father.   After he created a succession plan, we continued to work together very closely as Dri-Air grew and advanced its success.” He added. “My commitment is to maintain Dri-Air at the same standards that have made it successful for 44 years…providing the best quality dryers that our customers deserve.   At Dri-Air, the customer always will come first.”

In his community, Jason Sears has focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) movement, taking an active role in the First Robotics program at the middle and high school levels.   He has sponsored the Plastics Industry’s Plasti-Van at local schools.

Jason currently holds a position on the Plastics Industry Association Equipment Council and the NPE 2021 Content Committee, having participated in the NPE committee since 2015. He is also a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Dri-Air Industries is the leader in compressed air and desiccant drying technology. The company offers a proven, patented 4-bed desiccant dryer design for faster drying of plastic pellets with no moving parts.   Applications include plastic dryers, resin blenders and material handling systems.

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