New Product Alert: Hybrid Vertical Injection Molding Machine

LS Mtron just unveiled their latest product WIZ-VR, energy saving hybrid low-bed vertical injection molding machine perfect for your insert-molded products.

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Optimized for Multi-Cavity Insert Molding

The WIZ-VR series is a low-bed vertical injection molding machine optimized for multi-cavity insert molding.

A huge advantage over other competitors is that it has quick cycle times through high-speed clamping by dividing molding position and ejecting position and high-sensitivity mold protection, which provides safety.

LS Mtron further developed their vertical injection molding machine the WIZ-VR that enables 65~75% energy saving and low noise through high speed rotation and position control by controlling a servo motor-driven rotation table all with precise position repeatability.

By utilizing a servo motor we are able to rotate 180 degrees quicker and at the same time increase positioning accuracy.   The newly designed rotary table size is also designed to facilitate larger molds relative to the machine size.




Optimized Design for Decreased Footprint

One of the best features of the new WIZ-VR hybrid vertical injection molding machine is it’s low-bed ergonomic design compared to other competitors.  A lot of the vertical injection molding machines on the market requires the operator to stand on a raised platform to operate the mach

ine, whereas the LS Mtron WIZ-VR product allows the operator to do all work on the ground level eliminating large work space, raised platform and higher ceiling.  On top of that mold changes can be done quicker and overall efficiency of production is increased.

For example our WIZ-250VR  (250 TON hybrid vertical machine rotary table) is 840mm in height, which is about 60~80mm lower than that of other competitors, roughly 10% decrease in height over others.  As a LS Mtron official said, not only safety but also convenience and work efficiency have been increased.




Optimized Energy Savings

Reiterating what was discussed above, LS Mtron WIZ-VR hybrid vertical injection molding machine has achieved 65-75% energy saving and low noise through RPM control and torque control using a servo motor when compared to a hydraulic system.

In addition, WIZ-VR’s hybrid system provides high reproducibility, high responsiveness and ultra-precise stable control.  In addition, there are water cooling savings due the servo motor replacing the hydraulic system.  With all these upgrades we are able reduce maintenance overall reliability is increased.



As LS Mtron continues it’s innovations to meet customer needs they are committed to becoming a world leader in the plastic processing and industrial machinery.

Hirate America is partnered with LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines (formerly known as LG Injection Molding Machines) who manufactures hybrid, all-electric injection molding machines in South Korea ranging from all size ranges of 20 to 4500 US tons.

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