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Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Bekum is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machinery. No other company in the world has characterized the developments on the market for blow molders over the past few decades as much as Bekum.  Our global presence and network on every continent ensures customer proximity, high availability, and smooth production workflows. Well-known automotive, food and beverage, cosmetic, medical, and chemical industry customers benefit from our services, and have been placing their trust in us and our competence for decades.

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Blow Molding

No other company in the world has influenced the developments on the market for blow molders over the past six decades as much as BEKUM.

Industry & Products:

  • Ag Chem – Bekum’s chemical containers provide the highest standards in performance with co-extrusion technology for up to 6 layers for barrier requirements
  • Apparel – Bekum’s insole production with the ability process a broad range of TPE / TPU material
  • Automotive – Bekum’s large size blow molding machines are a perfect match for automotive production like plastic fuel tank and filler pipe production
  • Canisters – Bekum’s canister production is class leading with co-extrusion up to 6 layers, top blow or bottom blow options for continuous high speed extrusion
  • Dairy – Bekum technology provides aseptic food and dairy packaging for sterile air and hermetically sealed in the machine, tandem blow for high throughput production and co-extrusion up to 6 layers for extended shelf life and proper barrier
  • Food & Beverage – drinking bottles for milk and juices have continue to grow each year,  sizes ranging from 50 ml to 1,500 ml.  Tandem blow technology is used to allow high throughput + high quality at low-cost production.  Multi-layer and co-extrusion technology ensures precise wall thickness for all layers, which can extend shelf life of content up to 12 months.
  • Household Products – Bekum provides fast flexible machines with quick changeover features sky’s the limit on your customized bottle design
  • Industrial Packaging – Bekum’s industrial packaging machines can handle continuous extrusion up to 220 liters for L-Ring drums and 1000 liter IBC tanks
  • Lubricants – Bekum’s shuttle machines are a perfect combination of speed and efficiency for lubricant / additive bottle production with optional in mold labeling (IML) features
  • Medical – Bekum’s blow molded medical / pharmaceutical packaging can be tailored to your machine validation and certification specifications
  • Personal Care – Bekum’s personal care / beauty bottles provides co-extrusion 2 or 3 layer for cost savings on colorants and PCR & regrind in the center layer
  • PET – Bekum’s latest innovation in PET bottle production with glass-like bottle clarity and surface brilliance

Bekum’s experience and expertise in extrusion blow molding is second to none so profit from our experience!

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PET Extrusion Blow Molded Bottles

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Bekum Packaging Blow Molding Machine

Bekum Economic Line Blow Molding Machine

Bekum Industrial Blow Molding Machine

Bekum Large Blow Molding Machine

Bekum 3D Blow Molding Machine

Bekum Control 8.0 Intuitive User Interface

The innovative Bekum Control 8.0 control facilitates the operation of the Bekum blow molding machine with a generously sized control unit, Industry 4.0 capabilities, fully integrated safety technology and remote maintenance connection.

Bekum Multi-layer Co-Extrusion Technology

Bekum multi-layer co-extrusion technology (up to 7 layers) with barrier properties and regrind processing capabilities for material savings and process recycled plastics to produce sustainable packaging and container.

Bekum Concept 808 Blow Molding Machine

Bekum’s strives to stay ahead of the curve with continuous improvement in blow molding technology.

Concept 808 Features:

  • Magnetic quick change system for mold and blow pins in 15 minutes
  • HiPEx 36D high melt homogeneity and energy savings up to 20%
  • Control 8.0 intuitive user interface and mobile hand operation device
  • Extrusion head improvements with short material and color change times

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