Whenever there’s a problem, there’s going to someone that comes up with an idea to solve this issue. In our case with the China ban on plastic scrap, a Silicon Valley based technology company called Scrapo, who built a platform that connects suppliers & buyers of recyclable plastics.

It’s absolutely true that there’s an app for everything.

Fun facts:

  • Today there are over 10,000 buyers and sellers that are active users on the platform and this number is growing.
  • 75% of these users are outside the United Sates.
  • Scrapo does not take a fee for listings or sales
  • How platform makes money is with their enhanced services which they help the user with the sales, logistics and payment processes.
  • Listings on the marketplace cover loose or baled material, flakes and pellets.
  • 65% of plastic listed on the platform has been post-industrial material and 35% post-consumer plastic.


If your tired of selling your scrap and perhaps thought about having a turn key plastic recycling systems then we can help guide you through this journey.

Hirate America has solutions to provide full turn key plastic recycling systems with a combination of full wash lines with shredders (Lindner Resource, specializing in waste management)  and all-in-one shredder + extruder + pelletizer by Next Generation Recycling (NGR).

Credit to Plastics Recycling Update, see full original article here.


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