This will be a 3 part series (Vacuum, Gripper and Lifting technology) from FIPA, End of Arm Tools (aka EOAT). 

If you have a robot to pick out parts from the mold it’s essential to have a properly designed EOAT which is the robot’s customized hand to extract your parts and runners.

FIPA specializes in EOAT (suction cups, grippers, cutting shears, lifting) and can customize the design to your specifications.



Part 1: Vaccum Technology – Suction Cups

Let’s focus on FIPA’s Varioflex suction cups that are extremely versatile and can be utilized on many surfaces:





FIPA Varioflex on abrasive products





FIPA Varioflex on processed or coated surfaces






FIPA Varioflex on structured and very rough surfaces






FIPA Varioflex on uneven and curved surfaces






Having an extremely well engineering and reliable suction cups and vaccum pads can make or break your production output.  Hirate America partners with FIPA, a German based company that’s leading the industry in end of arm tooling design and components.

Whether you want individual components or full turn key automation solution, FIPA & Hirate America has you covered:

  • high-efficiency vacuum pumps
  • vacuum cups
  • vacuum filters
  • vacuum switches
  • vacuum regulators
  • ejectors
  • valve technology


 If you have any questions or need help with a custom designed end of arm tool, please contact any of the Hirate America team members to provide an automation solution tailored to your requirements.