Personal Partners

to walk you through the process

Save Money

On utilities and labor

Leading Provider

Of quality equipment and support

Personal Partners

to walk you through the process

Save Money

On utilities and labor

Leading Provider

Of quality equipment and support

Injection molding, plastic process equipment,
recycling systems and turn-key solutions!

We have helped plastic manufacturers grow for the last 10 years by
helping to reduce their cycle times, labor and scrap.

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Supplying IMMs, auxiliaries, and turn-key solutions, to save you time and money!

We have helped more and more businesses grow with each passing year and have seen nothing but growth!

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Our experienced specialists provide in-depth knowledge of the plastics industry, and technical knowledge of our products; to provide the precise solution for your application. Request a quote.

Injection Molding

We provide hybrid, electric, and vertical molding machines, as well as the plastic process equipment necessary to run optimally. Click here to see all of the injection molding related solutions we provide.

Plastic Process Equipment

We also provide a full range of plastic process equipment (auxiliaries) used in plastics manufacturing and recycling. Click here to see all of the plastic process product lines we have to offer.

Blow Molding / Extrusion

Click here to see our extrusion and blow molding related products.

Plastic Recycling

We provide everything from complete turn-key recycling solutions, to individual granulators, shredders, and wash lines. Click here to see all of the recycling solutions we provide.

About Hirate America

We help plastics manufacturers become more efficient and competitive in their respective markets!
By providing solutions to user’s equipment needs, as well as complete turn-key applications, including the product design, the molds, and the machinery, we have proven ourselves to be different from the rest.
We have chosen to work with only the best manufacturers, to offer our clients the best in technology, value, and service.
Our team of experienced specialists offer the most up-to-date manufacturing solutions on the market.

What They’re Saying

“Their experience and knowledge, speed of delivery and quality of service we encountered throughout our project was simply world class. There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals. Their work is of such outstanding quality, they are clearly experts in their field.”



Big or small, we are always interested in helping with your upcoming projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your upcoming needs.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to call at (909) 979-7813 or send us an e-mail, and one of our trained professionals will get back to you shortly.

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